Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies

Trips by the sea, whether for tourism, business or pleasure, need more than guaranteed support in supplying vessels before leaving the port. In addition, the international shipping industry is responsible for 90% of the world’s come-and go of goods.

And all departing vessels need a company that ensures supplies for crew and passengers, and all the materials needed, to travel smoothly from the point of departure to the destination.

Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies is the company that has all the know-how to meet the most specific needs of its customers in this sector.


Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies has the extensive professional experience of Manuel Mas Vilcarromero, who leads a trained and prepared team for the wide range of maritime navigation typical needs.



The success of your company’s import or export depends on each country’s customs procedures and how fast they are.


And Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies has extensive experience in those processes, advising our customers about the necessary documents and deadlines, so that their goods can be shipped or released as quickly as possible. For inquiries or information, feel free to contact us. Our prices are unbeatable.


Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies caters with the strictest responsibility all kind of vessels, from the smallest to the largest, short or long trips.

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Fast delivery is another great advantage of Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies, ensuring that customer orders are delivered on time and following the specifications requested.

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Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies has a wide range of supplies so that crews and passengers can travel with no trouble, from the point of departure to their destination.

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