Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies

Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies has a wide range of supplies so that crews and passengers can travel with no trouble, from the point of departure to their destination.

The company offers a wide menu of fresh foods, such as the supply of fruits and vegetables, which are prepared under the strict Japanese standards and undergo a double quality control at the time of delivery.


The food list also includes a wide variety of meat, fish and seafood, dairy products, fresh, dried and frozen, as well as snacks, breads, fine liqueurs, all following the Japan’s strict sanitary regulations. This list also includes medicines ordered under the supervision of doctor on board.


Materials Supplies

This list of materials can include the most diverse materials such as oils and lubricants, acetylene, oxygen, fire extinguishers, safety implements, and all considered necessary, according to the customer requirements.


Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies caters with the strictest responsibility all kind of vessels, from the smallest to the largest, short or long trips.

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Trips by the sea, whether for tourism, business or pleasure, need more than guaranteed support in supplying vessels before leaving the port.

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Fast delivery is another great advantage of Japan Oceanic Ship Supplies, ensuring that customer orders are delivered on time and following the specifications requested.

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